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Ever since President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, we’ve been working to tell the story of America’s clean energy boom.

In their own words, hear from real people about the impact of the clean energy economy on their communities, their families, and themselves.

Brian — Pittsburgh, PA

Brian is a supervisor at Eos, who has advanced in this field despite not having a four-year degree or any special training. He loves that his clean energy job comes with a 401k and benefits, and he’s proud to do work that is good for the future and good for Pittsburgh.

Pat — Pittsburgh, PA

Pat is a Republican and a long-time steelworker who is enjoying both health and financial benefits from his new clean energy job. He’s excited to see the Clean Energy Plan bringing jobs to communities like his that have been left behind by fossil fuel companies.

Allie — Pittsburgh, PA

Allie is a mom who is proud to have a clean energy job that is creating a brighter, cleaner future for her children. She’s glad that the Clean Energy Plan is making investments that are changing the world for the better.

Brandon — Tucson, AZ

Brandon wasn’t sure what path to take after leaving the Navy. His new job at clean energy company Dimensional Energy allows him to support his wife and young daughter while completing a college degree. Brandon is excited about the career trajectory that clean energy has created for him.

Dana — Pittsburgh, PA

Dana is a mom who loves her job at Eos, which allows her to be the breadwinner for her family. She says that “working in clean energy gives me and my family the stability we need.”

Bill — Pittsburgh, PA

Bill used to work at a carbide factory but became frustrated with the working conditions and the pay. He loves his new job at Eos, a battery storage company in Turtle Creek, PA. It pays better, enables him to support his family, and allows for a great family-work balance.

Scott — Green Bay, Wisconsin

Scott Evenstad is the President of IBEW Local 158, Green Bay Electrical Workers. At his mom’s recommendation, he got his electrical apprenticeship at age nineteen, and he’s never looked back. He credits the Clean Energy Plan for providing incentives that are creating more electrical apprenticeships and putting his community to work.

Katy — Milwaukee, WI

LiUNA! Local 113 member Katy is part of a team of Laborers partnering with energy efficiency company Green Homeowners United to make home energy upgrades more affordable. Milwaukee residents are doing right by the planet — and reducing their monthly energy bills.

Mayor Adam Forgie — Turtle Creek, PA

Mayor Forgie’s family used to work in the since-shuttered manufacturing plants outside of Pittsburgh. He saw firsthand what happened to his community when the jobs dried up. Recently, though, he’s seen a resurgence ever since a clean energy company came to town and started hiring people left and right. With the return of manufacturing, Turtle Creek’s sense of pride is coming back too.

Trevor — Phoenix, AZ

Trevor works at Higher Wire, where they manufacture batteries for clean energy. Thanks to Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, they’ll soon be doubling the amount of good-paying jobs at their Phoenix warehouse. Trevor knows that bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US and creating a domestic supply chain means lower costs for families all across the country.

Daniel — Las Vegas, NV

Climate change makes Daniel, a father of four, worry about the future he’s leaving his children. By working in the clean energy industry, he’s part of the solution.

IBEW Local 357 — Las Vegas, NV

Thanks to the Clean Energy Plan, solar is booming in Las Vegas.  That means more good-paying jobs for the electricians at IBEW Local 357 — now and for future clean energy workers.

Donele — Detroit, MI

Clean energy means lowering monthly energy costs and keeping the lights on during extreme weather. Thanks to the Clean Energy Plan, Green Door Initiative is bringing new jobs and an innovative resident-led community solar project to Detroit.

Sol-Up — Las Vegas, NV

Nevada is closing out 2023 with 15,000 new clean energy jobs since passage of the Clean Energy Plan. Employees at Sol-Up, a Las Vegas solar company, have seen first-hand how the Clean Energy Plan is creating jobs you can raise and sustain a family on—and making it easier than ever for homeowners to lower their energy bills.